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Why my sudden interest in having my blog subscribers joining twitter?

No, its not part of my world domination plan or a tricky internet scheme to steal your credit card information ( although both plans are in full force, ready to launch as soon as I get enough yellow cake and paperclips).

No, this plan is about Abby and trying to make a positive difference in her life and the lives of others effected with autism and related conditions.

Its about me worrying…

I worry mostly about how unkind the world is to people that are different. I worry that as Abby enters first her teenage years, and then adulthood that she will find a world that is less accepting of her uniquiness than our family and our friends.

I am learning about social media slowly, much more slowly than my children. They see me struggling with the power of blogs, facebook and twitter and look at me the same way as I looked at my Dad refusing to use a cellphone till his late 70’s. I’m not good at it, but understand the power that lies within it.

One particular website grabbed my attention about a year ago, and saw this was a cool way of using crowd sourcing and social media to fund small projects that could make big differences. It inspired me.

I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years are have received a lot of positive feedback. The feedback made me question how can I use this positive energy to help my daughter?- and from this thought sprung the idea of using- social media, this blog and kickstarter to do something really cool ( I’m 53 I use the word cool a lot – sorry)

With the help of the entire family on video development, site launch and promotion I believe we can bring the small ideas of this blog to impact the world in a larger way.

This project in entirely non-profit, its intended to raise enough money to launch the book and cover production costs and produce money for Autism Charities. Money to help with the awareness of Autism and help people with it overcome their special challenges of life.

So 1,000 books @ $10 each ( donations to Autism Speaks) will raise $10,000 for this important work.

BUT sometimes as rule #13 says..its not about the money.

What I’m hoping to raise is much more important than money, it is awareness.  It is the hope that the entire process from this blog, to the kickstarter program, to a social media promotion and the book we make a wide audience aware that we need to help protect those that are special.  Sort of bubble-wrapping them with the kindness of  the many.

So that brings us to twitter.

I believe if we get several hundred twitter followers engaged in the process that combined with the blog and kickstarter will raise social media buzz levels to make this project as success…but we need followers to get noticed.

I know many of my friends do not have twitter accounts- like me they are in the dark ages of facebook and trying to get the 12:00 programmed off our VCRs. But I know my friends are smart, and with a little effort, patience and help from their children can set up an account and become a follower.

It will cost you nothing, no credit card or blood test is involved. Just a simple set up a twitter account so you can follow the project .

I think being part of this project will mean something good to the world, it may be a very small thing- but its will make a difference.

Thank you for all your support of the blog and my silly rules.

Please follow us on Twitter.

This one is for Abby.








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