Rule # 1d- Love one another

This is the Eulogy I gave for my father a week  ago. My kids have asked if this was really rule #1, and although it was , it was rule 1(d), and I continue to reserve the right to publish 1(a) only upon  my death.

(Hitting my hands together)

Get a move on..lets go..chop chop..

Donna and I hear that in our dreams…Dad was trying to get somewhere.

By now, if Dad was able he would be in his car trying to beat the traffic out of this crowd.

But dad always liked a big room…so you all being here has him smiling- he would have loved this.

He’d also be thanking his friends, like Dick Stein and John Smiley for there unending support during the most difficult of times. Bobbi for building deep relationships with his grand kids and of course the cool video and pics.

And Carol. for the love and companionship that brought joy to his life in the years after Mom passed.

And of course Donna, who was his steadfast advocate, spending day after day at his side- fighting for his health and most of all his dignity. He is proud of you Donna, and so am I.

Most of you know I have a popular blog called which sets down rules of life for my children. Many of its 2k subscribers are in the room-

and I have a confession to you all.

I am a plagiarous.

These rules were stolen from lessons my Dad taught me, using his many life experiences

For example:

Rule #17: Learn to live cheap

Dad was from very humble beginnings, and put himself through Drexel on $90 a month from the GI bill,  and a job at night with triple A as a bailsman- he was living in an actual store front.

He told of living on Sunday meal left overs from his then girlfriend Peg’s home, which he kept cold in that window though the week and boloney sandwiches when that ran out.


Rule # 22: Never Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

He was always ready for the unexpected. When he and his good friend John Meneudakos missed a plane in Saudi Arabia, they convinced the airline that they were important government officials and had the plane turned back to pick them up.


His 3 minute limit per person for public discussion, it made School Board public meetings fast and exciting, he wanted you to get to your point or move on..

But it is the RULE #1 : Love One Another, is the one I will remember most…

Many of you know my mom , Peg, was ill for many years prior to her passing in 2000 . My Dad acted as her defender, advocate and caregiver for those years.

In the week before she died, I came to the nursing home and stood in the hallway looking at my Dad with my Mom.

He didn’t see me.

My Dad was feeding her ice cream and stroking her throat to help her swallow.

He was kind, and gentle and caring…he showed me what is means to love another person completely, and unconditionally.

This was his most important lesson.

My Dad loved his family, his friends and his community.

He loved well, and lived well.

He taught us all so much

















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