Take a Mulligan 2016

Take a Mulligan 2016

I try to not be too political in my blog which was intend for a guide book for my children’s lives. I know that political seasons change, and generally this country has had effective committed leaders through both parties- and it generally all works. Not perfect but works.

This years election I have struggled as I have seen poor behavior at such a degree it explains how Jerry Springer was once elected Mayor of Cincinnati. We have found the lowest common denominator and it is zero. I don’t think we can’t lower the bar any further. We have one candidate that can’t seem to help himself from saying stupid crude crazy things, and the other that can’t seem to tell the truth. The third party candidates can’t even name one world leader. We as a country are in deep do-do.

So I am taking a Mulligan.

Yes we need to pick up the ball and everyone pretend we never hit into the swamp. We need to all agree that we can do better on a second swing, after all how exactly could we do worse?

I’m urging my blog followers to write in MULLIGAN as their choice for President of the United States. Vote for the rest of the positions, but let’s write in MULLIGAN to show both parties that we are disgusted and ashamed of the choices they have given us this year.

They can do better.

We deserve better.

Send a message  #Takeamulligan2016


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