Its a Girl!

This one is for Andrew..

Ok its not a rule, its more of a declaration – It is a GIRL!

I attended my first “gender reveal” with my son Andrew and his wife Ashleigh. So sometime in late summer the world will welcome my first grandchild, and we now know with certainty that she will be a she.

“She” is a powerful word in our families. There are families that have a variety of women in them, but the Hill  family have a long history of remarkable women in them. Women who are fearlessly independent and strong willed. Women who don’t take crap from others, and are fast to call a spade a spade as they are dealt the cards of life.

Our families’ women can be difficult, opinionated and at times challenging.  These woman can be demanding, setting high expectations for themselves and the people around them. They can be exhausting at times, taking every ounce of patience you have to offer. I guarantee there will be times when you are ready to give up and run far away.

Everyone of them- your mother, wife, step- mother, grandmother, aunts and sisters fit this description, not a go-with- the- flow girl among them.

Andrew,you have a great responsibility to the world and to these women, especially your future daughter.

Don’t Give up because your daughter enters into long line of very special women.

These are the women who will stick by you regardless of you being in a financial crisis or a bar fight. They know how the swing a mean pool cue.

These are women that will help you solve problems, and not look to you to be the solution to all of life’s challenges. They will pick up the shovel and help you bury the bodies and give you good alibis. (Trust me Bobbi knows where all the bodies are buried)

These are women who will love you with their souls, not just their hearts. I know my daughters have made me feel loved as completely as a man could be, and one of the great certainties of my life is that I am loved by them. These women give you that certainty- it is wonderful.

Andrew know they need you.

Your daughter will need you to teacher her to not settle or to be defined by her sex or by others.

Your daughter will tell you she can handle anything, but secretly need to be told that everything will be ok and he hugged so she is certain of it.

You will cry when they she falls and cheer when she gets back up.

Men in these women lives have to be strong and confident, we have to be both caring and tough. But the rewards are amazing, and seeing your daughter grow into a confident ( difficult) Young woman will be the defining part of your life.  They will bring you to your knees but lift your soul to heaven. Being a father to one these strong women is a blessing beyond all others.

Enjoy it all.. Every smile, tear, heartbreak and accomplishment. It will be the ride if your life, hang on tight and enjoy it.



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