Bob goes to town- Podcasting 101

Bob goes to town- Podcasting 101

As part of the aging process there are moments when you realize that you are missing lots of the cultural changes in the world. I use to laugh at my father’s lack of understanding of basic web sites and search engines.  He carried maps in his car until he could no longer drive rather than learn how to use navigation apps like Waze.

It wasn’t like it he was resistant to change, it was just that he was going 35 mph on the expressway and everyone had just passed him by. Its not avoidance, but neglect that lets you fall behind.

In recent weeks I have been on the fringe of conversation between my children discussing Podcasts…and I realized that I become my father routing in the glove compartment for the map of Florida. There were parts of the new universe where I was clearly in the slow lane and my kids were honking at me while passing me.

There are two solutions to lagging behavior.

You can get off the expressway and stay on the backroads during the daylight, searching for the good diners and early bird specials. Or be bold and take a risk , picking up speed and moving with the traffic.

When we moved to Florida in 2017  I was 57 years old and very comfortable with my life in Pennsylvania. Wawa was close, roads were all familiar and friends just a phone call away- things were easy.  Maybe a little too easy.

My world had seized getting larger and it was become more manageable but less risky.  I had traded adventure for safety, wonder for certainty. And I did it slowly over decades and hardly realized it was happening.

Fortunately I married a woman what liked risk, that always challenged me. When the opportunity to move to Florida came up I was first resistant to it, then embraced it as if I was stepping on the gas and moving into much faster moving traffic. We adopted the mantra that we would “live on vacation” for the next  5 years and see what happened.

In the time since June of 2017 we have encountered hurricanes, floods, snakes and virtually every critter the Florida Jumanji game threw at us and survived. We kept good friends from the past and developed many more in our new home. Life changed dramatically- some for the good, some for the bad. But it changed.

Yes I still like Wawa (thank God they had them here) and can’t resist a good dinner even at 5pm. But, I left my comfort zone and felt like I was again moving with the traffic. Maybe still in the Ford 500 of the road, but at least I was in the flow.

It felt good.

As I start the 5th  year of this vacation I realize that as Thomas Wolfe said  ” You can’t go home again” . The vacation may end this year, but the new adventures are beginning. I’m not sure if that is sailing a yacht around the world or a hang gliding but there new adventures left to come for Bobbi and I.

As a very small step this post marks the start of a new technological adventure into podcasting.

I know nothing about Podcasting besides watching Joe Rogan and Cooking with Babish. I am venturing into the world of audio podcasts, saving the world from my not ready for broadcast video. Baby steps…

Through guidance of my children I have found Buzzsprout and record this my “trailer” to the Podcast. As part of this push into the “uncomfortableness of change” I will be recording 2 podcast every week with one being new content of this site and the other being a recording of an existing rule.

Those that know me well know that I tend not to follow rules well.  As Matthew is found of saying I have the ability to tell a lie, and say it so convincingly that I believe it myself.. making it a truth.  I intend to follow that practice in these podcasts, so Matthew buckle up for the ride.

For now I am planning to release the podcasts at 11pm on every Thursday.

Also  I have had a life long stutter and I am certain that this will be captured on these podcasts. I encourage you to embrace it, it doesn’t bother me, and I hope it doesn’t bother you.

Finally I am technologically challenged. I get about 70% of the process the rest I will discover as I go along.  So I’m starting with the wrong microphone, the wrong technology and complete lack of knowledge, but I’m starting.

As for sponsorship I have that covered..

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